Cuticans Cream


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Cuticans Cream is an effective product that can help manage severe and thick skin pigmentation of knees, elbows, neck and other body associated with underlying skin diseases like Acanthosis Nigricans. It is formulated with ingredients like urea, lactic acid and retinol that show 3-in-1 action like exfoliating, moisturising, and skin lightening. It helps to heal the dark and velvety pigmentation and makes it soft and smooth.

Key Ingredients:
Lactic Acid
Tea Tree Oil
Jojoba Oil

Key Benefits:
Cuticans cream helps to manage acanthosis nigricans, skin discolouration and skin imperfections
It helps to reduce dark, velvety pigmentation on various parts of the skin like knees, elbows, neck, and other body folds by softening the hard skin
It works by exerting three in-1 actions exfoliating, moisturising, and skin lightening
It is formulated with solid and effective actives like lactic acid, urea, and retinol that exert these actions
The lactic acid remodels the epidermal barrier
Urea decreases TEWL, and retinol helps to suppress melanin synthesis
It also helps to soften and brighten your skin

Directions For Use:
Cleanse the affected area and pat dry
Apply the required amount of Cuticans Cream on the affected area and massage gently using fingertips
Use it regularly in the morning and at night for best results

Safety Information:
Store it in a cool and dry place
Keep it away from direct sunlight
Keep it away from the reach of the children