Melitane Altris 5 Solution Spray


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Melitane Altris 5 Solution Spray is a spray-on topical which contains Melitane. Melitane is a melanogenesis stimulator and exhibits anti-graying property. It is ideal for normal hair type and can be used by both men as well as women. It is in black colour and liquid form for easy applying. After spraying, Altris 5 Solution penetrates deep down into the hair roots and induces the maturity and activity of melanocytes at the hair bulge stem cell region. The matured melanocytes migrate to the hair bulb and induce the synthesis of melanin. Premature greying of hair in the age group of less than 30 is highly attributed to factors like – Heredity, Vitamin Deficiency, Pituitary or thyroid gland problems, smoking and autoimmune conditions like vitiligo.

Key Ingredients:
Melitane GL 200
Xiameter Fluid
Xiameter® OFX-0193
Fd (PEG-12 Dimethicone)
Glycerin, Neolone PE
(Methylisothiazolinone and Phenoxyethanol) Propylene
Glycol, Disodium Hydrogen
Phosphate Anhydrous, Citric Acid

Key Benefits:
Stimulates hair pigmentation and reverses the process of greying of hair
Strengthens the skin’s defences against harmful effects of the UV
It is ideal for normal hair type and can be used by both men as well as women
Protects and repairs DNA damage caused by UV exposure (UVA and UVB)

Directions For Use:
Rinse scalp with a mild shampoo
Pour spray directly onto the affected part of the scalp with two fingertips, approx: 2gms
Gently rub the scalp to ensure even spreading of the spray
The spray gets absorbed within 30 minutes and does not require rinsing
Thoroughly wash hands post application
Apply the spray daily once for a minimum duration of 6 months

Safety Information:
Store in a cool and dry place
Read the label carefully
Keep out of the reach of children


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